Apr 19 2012
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A Latinamerican's Playstation story.

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My life with Playstation.

In 1996, my gaming life begins with a Playstation 1, My mother, sacrificed 1 month salary to get me a playstation for my birthday. Being from Venezuela, a Playstation was (and still is) insanely overpriced around this country.

After this event, not even I would have known how much my life would change. Even though I received a playstation with NO games at all, my brother 11 years older than me, did his best to buy games, same as my sister (8 years older than me).... At the end of the era, we made a pretty good Ps1 collection. I remember playing Tekken II, Tenchu, Resident evil 1, Crash, Metal gear solid.....

My family got stronger after my playstation, it may sound silly, but reality is, It really helped us bond a lot more. I remember arriving home from school and playing videogames non-stop, and even though I was a child, I used to grab Mature games from my brother and play them no matter how terrifying they were, like Resident Evil 1, I used to play it like 10 minutes, then I got really scared, tried to reach the closest save point, Save, then quit the game, play some Tekken II to shake the fear away and then play again the game.. I ended up beating every single Resident evil game for the Ps1. Same with Tenchu, Same with Final fantasy ...

I grew up with my playstation, and being from a spanish country, I had to learn some english too. Playstation ENCOURAGED me to LEARN in a fun, amazing, fantastic way, how to speak english. I remember me being 6 years old and I learned how to read JUST because I wanted to know what videogames were telling me... My room had My games, my tv, my ps1 and a english/spanish dictionary. And I remember suffering with Dino Crisis and Tomba trying to translate over and over what the game was telling me to do. So I'm quite thankful for this..

I got my ps2 in 2001 my brother sold his laptop to get it for us.... And I kept gaming like I used to do back in the late 90's. Tenchu, Resident evil 4 (changed my life cause it was hilarious to hear "DETRAS DE TI IMBECIL" and I was like: Ahaaaa! you're behind me haha.), Persona 3-4, Metal gear solid 2,3, God of war I-II.... And Final fantasy X which was amazing, One of my favorites of all time..  And I also made a lot of friends that I still have talking about the ps2 and sharing games and stuff , Then in 2006, my brother gives me a PSP!.  With my psp, I remember playing a LOT of mortal kombat unchained, dinasty warriors, then crisis core, then dissidia, God of war!.

In 2006 the ps3 released. I was 14. And I had time saving money, By the time the ps3 was available in south america it costed around 1500$. Which was PRETTY expensive, and I had to save money, I sold my soccer shoes to a kid in High school (true story) to afford my playstation 3.  By 2008, the ps3 was 1000$, I Had around 400$ and my entire family went to the store and everyone, got me my ps3 for my bday!   Ive had A LOT of fun with my ps3. I met a lot of ppl from the Us, an awesome friend from Sweden, and I met one of my best friends in a game-match of a playstation 3 (Condemned 2 bloodshot) demo, and then when we figured out we both were venezuelans, we met personally and now its amazing to have another person to share my experiences with gaming, talk and hang out. And Since 2008, Ive had a lot of amazing experiences with my ps3, Uncharted 1-2-3, God of war III, Assassins creed (every single one), Final fantasy Xiii, xiii-2, Resident evil 5 etc etc etc I have to tell you people, Im not rich, but every game in my country costs 200$, but you know what? I've made friends, I've united my family using my playstations, I've learned how to speak english thanks to my playstation, so I'll never never stop playing. And I'll never quit my dream of working with videogames one day. And I'm coming for you ps vita!!

Gamers are a big family where everyone is welcome. And I'm really proud of being part of it!

Long live PLAY!


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