Nov 18 2012
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A Gamer Loves Gaming Consoles And His Own Skills

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Gaming had me going since I was a kid in year 2000. Many lots of gamers meets great opportunities in life of gaming achieving higher levels in their gaming thoughts. As a kid I've loved video games from the late 90s in the arcade center. In year 2001 I've gave up playing arcades and try something new that I can try. In the video game store I've purchased a Playstation 1, my thoughts gets me a great idea for what to do with my first video game system. Many people of the world wide purchased this gaming system that had Sony company more ideas to make new better gaming systems to keep the business flowing.


The first game that I've also purchased the game along with the system. The game called ' Street Fighter Collection '. Pretty cool I should say, my favorite character of street fighter is ' Geki '. A ninja with triple blades attached on his hand. I loved that character, he's the unstoppable ninja that a CPU can't even take my best character down. Through many opponents I've challenged in 10 minutes that was intense combat fighting I have during every fights. My skills of gaming are getting use to be great at Street Fighter video game. Three years later I've went back to the video game store and see what they have something new.


And that's when the playstation 2 rolls in. Playstation 2 is really in larger prices however, I've to wait until Christmas to buy the Playstation 2 system. Christmas rolls by with a winter chill down my spine hoping that the coldness would end next year. My father went to buy me a Playstation 2 system I were hoping and said, " yay ! ." He came back and gave the system to me. I ran upstairs and plug the cords to my Playstation 2 system and put a new game what my father had purchased. And is ' Street Fighter Alpha Anthology '. I couldn't wait till I get my gaming hands on that game my father was proud at me playing and kept mastering gaming skills.


I've played more playstation games few years later in 2008. I was growing older more as the same height of his. However, I test my gaming skills on racing, racing is the greatest sports what I can master of driving a vehicle. I'd played a game called ' Nascar 2008 ' is the best games of EA sports to develop. When I started playing, I ended up myself crashing other racers and and just too funny to play. I've won thirteen in a row suing the Jimmy Johnson car the number forty-eight. It's hard as I thought however, I'll get use to it it's the first time I'd played on the first track.


Playstation 3 is the most top one gaming system. My skills are ready to be put out there to see what it takes to beat some games on the Ps3 and earn my rights to become more than a professional gamer. I'd register on Playstation Network and contact with Mike. We first play Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare in a lobby. We make ourselves great military soldiers in the game. Combat fire fights are really going to make you like your in a warfare heroic soldier. Until I made it to the gold elite prestige. My friend is at the ninth prestige hoping he would match up like mines. We still have the honor to fight but we have guts what it takes to survive.


Playstation gaming had me inspired of many things that I had passed. As a child through being a adult. I wanted to become just like Michael playing a lot of games. Without giving up if anger tries to rise above us. Gaming gives us skills to know what you good at like sports and more. I love this brand it's like a new son to me that plays a lot. Sony is there for us if there's a problem, the developers gives us game trailers and artworks how the game would be like. That how I loved this brand and this form. Because they give us information about the system and the games, events and lots of supports. God bless playstation and the developers because we not just gamers, were awesome gamers !.



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