Jul 05 2012
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A Batman Arkham Something Game 4 the Vita, do we need it?

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Arkham City was a blast, i have so much fun flying around the city kicking butt and solving riddle ( still have like 100 more to find) and yelling I'M BATMAN from the top of my lung every time i do a suprise dive kick Smiley Very Happy Would it be great if the Vita have a Batman Arkham games? the WiiU is getting a port and why shouldn't the Vita, i know graphic might be a problem but look at Uncharted Golden Abyss, the game define next generation console feeling at the palm of your hand, they could make the graphic to look like Lockdown ( that Iphone Batman game that have epic graphic),  i'm loving for another adventure in Arkham City or Asylum with the greatest hero of all time, BATMAN. 

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Re: A Batman Arkham Something Game 4 the Vita, do we need it?

Jul 5, 2012

I would love Arkham City on the Vita! If not, at least some sort of Arkham-universe title. 

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