Apr 07 2010
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i have a linksys router and my ps3 is wireless. i connect to the ip and internet but not the playstation network. anyone know a solution?

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Apr 4, 2011
Yeah, I was having  this issue too. It's looking like At&t is having an issue with their domain  name servers, but this is a pretty easy thing to fix. All you have to do is  change the dns in your PS3's internet connection settings to open and that's  it!

Here's how it's  done:

Go to "Internet  connection settings"

Select "custom" for  connection method

For Wired  connections: select wired connection, select auto-detect, select automatic for  ip address settings, dhcp host name "do not set", for DNS SETTINGS select MANUAL  and then put in two numbers from the following website, choose the top option for everything else and then  try signing into your PSN account.

For WIRELESS connections: select wireless, select enter manually,  for ssid click to the right, click to the right for security, click to the right  for security key, automatic for ip address, do not set for dhcp host, MANUAL for  DNS and then enter two numbers, choose the top option for everything else and then try  signing into your PSN account.

Hope that  helps
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