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Jan 21, 2012

My take on it is if it's at least twice as fast for an install or delete, that also means that it'll be faster for saves and loads, as well.  having much less latency for finding the information necessary, as well as having a faster ability to read the data, should equate to faster track loading times as well.  I shall also be testing load times to get into tracks/events as well in the thread that I started in hopes of resolving this SSD issue.

As well, being a PS Plus member, I get at least a couple full game trials a week, not to mention all the regular demos and new videos that come out every week as well.

Being able to install those full game trials (I just did 3 tonight, all over 10GIG EACH) play them for the 60 minutes it allows you, then deleting them, would greatly benefit from the SSD, as it won't take me half an hour to install the games, to only play for an hour, then spend another 15 minutes deleting it!  LOL)

To be honest, the only things I delete from my system is demos that I don't like (I get them all to test, but most end up going away after 1 try) or the full game trials once they've expired, as there's no point to having them there anymore.

Another point to mention, is everyone always gripes about how long it takes to install new updates when they arrive.  SSD should make the time to install any updates shorter by anywhere from 1/2 to 1/5th of the normal time.  Let's get our game on faster!  LOL

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Jan 24, 2012

potatobreath wrote:

I personally don't put much importance on install and delete times. It's something I do just once for GT5, unlike loading my favorite track (happens to be Fuji Speedway) which I will probably be doing again and again. Conventional hard drives tend to be much more spacious than SSDs too, so deletes for massive Game Data may not be as frequent.

Of course, your mileage may vary especially if you have a video game rental subscription. Rapid game turnover might make the SSD advantage from frequent installs and uninstalls valuable.

THAT is something I can agree with.

But the big thing for me is COST vs CAPACITY.   You cant get a 500gb SSD for less than $100.

Once the cost to capacity ratio of SSD's come to about $0.25 per gigabyte, I'll finally build a computer with SSD and buy one for my PS3.

If you can afford to buy a rather decent size SSD of about 128GB for anywhere between $150-300+.

I mean the SSD market is very broad and can be misleading, which is beneficial for us because it means the more saturated the market becomes, the lower the prices will get, but it becomes a headache when you are looking for a particular SSD with certain features.

I do believe that OCZ is going to be the company to beat for SSD's as their Agility 3 drives with the latest firmware have read/write speeds in the 450+MB range and the only competition they have right now is Kingston.

Anyone else seen the 24 SSD's in Raid0 video?

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