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Re: 6 disc changer in a console?

Jan 8, 2014

PrimetimePrimo wrote:
I see people on here say that one advantage of digital is that they don't have to change discs. It got me thinking, would it be possible to implement a 6 disc changer like cars used to have into a console?


Yup a disc changer would be handy, I think 6 is about right as I play usually around 4-5games in a given timeframe.


But it would have to be more then a disc changer to justify.


Look at all the stuff people do buy for their consoles that are one trick ponys.





-USB hubs


PS3 has no IR port so

-USB dongles for universal remotes


How much does all this stuff cost total and how much space does it take up?

That is the parameters for a successful disc changer accessory.


Plus for PS4 add some nose thumbing "Plays CD's!!"    "Stream movies from your home network!!"  "HDMI recording"



So now we looking at a device around the size of the PS4 itself, match the style and have them clip together or something and you have a device about as big as a xbone but with bells and whistles no console has ever had.


But that device would only do everything, and I think Sony may be out of that business now?


Na13-31 wrote:
Finally, the structure of my question is that you would have to disprove every possible outcome to be correct and I would just have to have one that would likely be beneficial. That's statistically in my favor by quite a bit.

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