Nov 23 2011
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3.5mm Headset with USB adapter for in-game sound?

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After years of using a crummy motorola bluetooth for online gameplay ive decided to get an actual headset for some less annoying communication.

Im not a hardcore player so i dont need any $200 headsets that im going to use maybe 10 hours at most a week.

So ive looked in a Plantronics Gamecom 367 which seems to be an older and cheaper headset ($25!) but still has pretty good reviews.

The only problem is that it uses 3.5mm jacks instead of the USBs that ive seen on many turtlebeaches and astros.

From what ive seem the headset is designed for pc gaming but there are adapters that can switch em to USB for PS3.

Ive researched a bit on adapters for pc headsets but all of them say that there is no ingame sound available for the set and only chatting..

Can someone clear this up for me?

Or push me towards a better adapter that supports ingame sound for pc headsets?

Or maybe even a headset that does support ingame sound and with usb that is hopefully around the same price? (25 to 40 dollars)

*Note im not very computer smart XP

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Re: 3.5mm Headset with USB adapter for in-game sound?

Nov 23, 2011

I did find a solution i think but it needs several pieces of hardware.. XP

Turtlebeaches for PS3 use a USB and a mic wire that leads to a stereo audio splitter

i think i can find a usb adapter for the audio but i dont know where to find the stereo audio splitter like the one on turtlebeaches..

Anyone answer??

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