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Feb 20 2013
By: eeveesaur First Son 1 posts

2/19 PSN/PSPlus Update Caused PS3 to Crash While Playing LBP2 Online

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Corrupted system files, deleted almost all data (save user accounts, and dlc on the system), caused PS3 to run faulty and reset several times. Tried to open the LBP2 Disc to reload data and got prompted with the stores actual update when it was finally up and running. Update took around 4-5 hours and left us still with no data. However the update said it was for LBP2 and was around 1000 MB - what's up with that? Doesn't sound like a PSN Update. 


No help from Customer Support. We were told it wasn't possible... yet here we are...


Anyone else have this issue? PM me if you do. 


Anyone have any suggestions/questions, just post em below. 

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