Jul 23 2012
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1MR is now Recruiting

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                                                               **ATTENTION ALL BATTLEFIELD 3 CONSOLE GAMERS!***

    1ST Marine Regiment (simply known as "1MR") is an established BF3 Regiment for Tactical Fighting Console Gamers! As a Tactical Fighting Regiment we use a CoC (Chain Of Command) Military Structure, as well as a ranking system to define where you stand in the Regiment. We do now have our own BF3 server, where we scrimmage, pratice and just kill. Although we do not have a set age restriction, you must be a mature player to maintain membership in this Regiment. If we receive a number of complaints regarding a specific member of our community, you will have your membership stripped and receive a dishonorable discharge.


  We are currently looking for roles in Squad Leaders, Asst. Squad Leaders, and just recruits so if you show your dedication to 1MR by recruiting, being active, and just being loyal, you just might get lucky and receive a direct promotion to one of those roles. If you are interested in applying you may fill out an application located at


    We have integrated our new PS3 Division into our application system so if you are interested in that particular division, there is now an option to choose so.  Once accepted you must fill out a Squad Application for whichever position you are seeking. So if you are a vehicle fighter, make sure you apply to a squad for the specific vehicle you wish to operate, because vehicles are reserved for the specific squad they pertain to. Any one not enlisted in such a squad forfeits their right to pilot/command/fly any jets, helis, drive any Armor or If's, with Jeeps and Boats being the only exception to use.

We hope to see some new Marine Recruits on the Battlefield soon!


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