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Jun 19 2013
By: SpacionS First Son 1 posts
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Trolling/stalking for purpose of banning

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Hi guys, it seems the rules are being exploited and a 10 year old can be repeatedly pushed daily to the point of using profanity against stalkers/trollers through repetitious accusations in the message system for the purpose using the information against them. I don't condone the profanity but the stalking/trolling was happening while playing LBP2. Quotes from stalker. "You disgust God." "You don't know anything about religion." Doing this for a week before the bad reaction came and he's not even religious. My child anguished over this, asking them to leave him alone, until he could take no more but now he has to suffer even more through his actions with a temp ban. How many 10 yr olds report online stalking or even comprehend what's happening to them? How far do you look into the message exchange? Thanks.
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Re: Trolling/stalking for purpose of banning

Jun 19, 2013

Hi there, 



In order for us to take any action, you will need so submit a report either in-game or via XMB (if it's an XMB message). Please also note that we take care of a TON of reports per day, so that the time between submitting the report and when it is reviewed... can be a little while.


In the meantime, you can always set that user to your block list.

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