Aug 01 2013
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Can't Sign In using Mozilla Firefox

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Very odd issue:


I have been trying to sign in to the forums using Firefox, latest version. When I sign in, it asks for my email and password. Entering my data accepts me, but then I get redirected back to the sign-in page with no errors whatsoever. Then when I try to enter my email and password again, it then accepts it, and redirects me back to the login page in an infinite loop.


The forums log in fine using my Vita, Android Phone, Android Tablet and, irritatingly, Internet Explorer (Ew).


It's just Firefox not signing in. Help?


I've cleared all my data from FF, deleted cookies, deleted cache, hell even deleted everything. No dice.

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Re: Can't Sign In using Mozilla Firefox

Aug 1, 2013

Scratch my previous posts. I solved it.


It turns out that the addon "HTTPS Everywhere" interferes with the sign-in process. Disabling the addon fixed it.

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