May 11 2012
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(Scientific Paper) Database in Gaming help

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I need to produce a paper (article) for college.

My name is Helder Henrique  and I study on IFPR-- (Instituto Federal do Paraná) on Brazil-Paraná.

My topic is "Database in gaming" and since there's not much available on the web about this subject, I am asking the companies for help.

Anything will help, like a developer studio's e-mail, a good reference about the subject and so one.

Please, I need this information.

For those who don't know:

Database is the save file of the game, or a collection of data that makes sense.

In normal software the Database is hidden from the user, but not in games.

The games' save files are well desing and have atractive icons or artwork.

(and that's all I know)

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