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Jun 08 2012
By: Giddyjigga Lombax Warrior 119 posts

My Move prototype ideas

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This is meant to be a hypothetical idea in the hopes that I can get a feel for what people think.

Here's a version of the Move/Navigation controller setup I thought of. Both would be the size of the navigation controller, both would have the bulb, joystick, 2 shoulder triggers, and their appopriate array of face buttons. Notice how the layout is similar to if you were actually holding a regular controller, except with the ability to incorporate gestures, and the fact that the joysticks are now above the face buttons.


Here's a picture of one example of an original Move steering wheel attachment. This steering wheel is designed for the original move. I personally think it's medocrely tacky.


Here's a prototype steering wheel that I made in photoshop. I admit that I used another brand's controller in order to make this design but it is nothing but an example of what is possible by using my prototype move controllers. In fact, this design is still missing a crutial piece that I didn't add.


Obviously none of this is possible, which is why it's a hypothetical. If you like either of the ideas please say yay or nay and maybe a relevant argument in the actual use of the controller schemes and not just how unnecessary it is to change what has already been made.

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First Son
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Re: My Move prototype ideas

Jul 6, 2012
I can't see the picture :smileysad:
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