May 25 2012
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Future Ideas for Playstation

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Here's some things I think Playstation should do to improve "our" Platstation experience...

1: Make it so that at least the PS3 can play/read a larger array of media files.(like the 360's free "optional media player/reader update".)

2: Fix up some of the PS1 Classic DLC games, so that they fully work on other systems.(it kinda sucks when "analog controls" don't work...I wouldn't know about the PS2 Classics, but they should fix 'em up for PS3 support too, if that's the case.)

3: Add the original Mass Effect to the Full PS3 DLC games.(they already got 2 & 3, so why the hell do PC & 360 users only get the "full ME experience"??)

4: Add a "buy all" option for a game's DLC &or even slightly discounted DLC bundles.(just something to save ya time from the potential repetitions of having to individually select each item, add it to your cart & continue shopping.(maybe even a little money too.)

5: Make it so that you can adjust the frame style when playing video files.(I noticed that it wouldn't let me adjust the frame style when playing video files. kinda annoying, especially when I can only see the top 1/2 of the subtitles...)

Note: these are simply my thoughts & opinions. If ya wana comment, please keep it constructive & informative (no negative douchebagery please.). Otherwise, please feel free to post your own thoughts & opinions on how the Playstation crew can improve our Playstation experience!^^

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