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Mar 31 2010
By: PS_Forum_News Wastelander 192 posts

PlayStation Trivia Rules

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Welcome to PlayStation Forum Trivia!


What is Forum Trivia?
PlayStation Trivia is something the mods have come up with for you, the members to participate in for fun. It's also a chance for you to be recognized as someone who really knows their stuff about everything related to PlayStation!

Please read through the Trivia rules before asking questions. The rules and the FAQ will explain most of what's going on here.


Trivia Rules
1) All of the regular forum rules exist in this contest. No swearing, personal attacks, spam, or other inappropriate content will be tolerated.

2) You can congratulate another member if he/she comes up with the correct answer. However, you may not publicly accuse another player of cheating or otherwise attack the validity of their win. If you have an issue with the way in which another member has come up with the correct answer, send me a board IM.

3) The first, most correct answer in response to the question is the winner. Posts are timestamped by the server, this can not be faked, so don't try.

4) Correct answers will be determined by myself and the moderators. If your answer is close but not quite, the closer answer will be chosen. For example. If the question were: "What kind of media does the PlayStation 2 play?" and your answer was "CD" but someone followed up with "CD & DVD" the follow-up would win as it is a more complete answer.

5) Post once per contest and only once. If you make multiple posts you will be disqualified. You'll notice message editing is disabled on this board. So if you get your answer wrong, you can't go back and edit in another one.

6) We're not perfect! If you think the answer to the question is something other than what we've posted, please feel free to prove us wrong. The place to do it is -not- on the forums however. Send either myself or the mods an IM detailing the correct answer and cite sources for your answer.

7) The awarded member will receive a special rank/name icon. This will last until the next contest has a winner. The next winner will receive the crown. Yes, you can win it multiple times.

8) We will tally a winnings sheet to show who's won and when. This will be posted at regular intervals on the forums.

9) Have fun!


How does it work?
Once every two weeks we will post a trivia question on the forums. The first person to reply with the correct answer will win a prize. What is the prize you ask? We've created a spiffy rank for the winner. The winner will keep said rank until the next contest winner is declared and crowned.

How do I know when the next Trivia Question will be posted?
We will post the time in advance of the contest so everyone has a fair chance of finding the correct answer. We'll try to post it every 2 weeks at the same time period, however this may not be the case.

Does it cost anything?
No, Forum Trivia does not cost anything to participate.

Can I suggest Trivia Questions?
Sorry, we can't accept trivia suggestions from members. That would open the game up to cheating. That's not something we'd like to deal with.

Why can't I post new threads?
This board is for the Trivia contest only, you can only reply to threads started by Administrators & Moderators.

What if I want to dispute the outcome of a Trivia post?
Please send me (Deltan) a board IM or an Email with your dispute.

Disclaimer: This Trivia event is presented by which is solely responsible for all administration.

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