Jul 18 2011
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MLG Pro Circuit: Anaheim

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The MLG Pro Circuit is stopping over in Anahein at the end of this month, and PlayStation will be there!  What is MLG you say?  Why it's THE gaming league for North America!  Come on out to Anaheim and visit us in the PlayStation Compound.  You'll be able to try out Resistance 3, along with the sharshooter, and various other titles in 3D!  For more information keep an eye on this thread and the @HeyPlayStation on Twitter page

We are curious what types of mini-events and tournaments you'd like to see at the event?  Do you have a game you'd love to compete with?  Have you mastered multiplayer in a PlayStation title and can't find anyone else of your caliber?  Let us know here!

-The US Community Team

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Re: MLG Pro Circuit: Anaheim

Jan 20, 2012

I find it funny how no one responded to this, this is exactly what a lot of gamers dream about. Maybe if the forums for PSN weren't so WTHscrambled and went back to how they used to be, people could find information like this.

6 months + with no reply? Craaaaaazy...

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