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Re: ynlockable content screen after match

Oct 14, 2012

Wesley37 wrote:

Omega_Rez wrote:

what are "Belts" and what do they do exactly?

and all this stuff like costumes victory music, intros/outros ..etc all seem very cool and i find it to be a blast but does this only show how much you unlocked for that one specific character or is it how much you have unlocked for the whole roster?

Probably the whole roster, or maybe one character. If I was thinking about Belts, I'd say WWE, lol, but that's just a joke. But with this, I wonder about each one.


Icons: Changes the icon of that character to a different one.

Backings: No clue about this. Maybe you can wear something on the back of that character?

Minions: Info stated from a different picture: "Cheerleaders". What people thought: "Assist you in battle".

Intros: Unlock a different intro instead of a Default: Ex. Kratos taking his weapon out & saying "Prepare to die!", new intro will be different.

Outros: Unlock a different outro possibily as both Win or Lose after you lose? Ex. Kratos punching down the ground.

Taunts: More Taunts to get.

Victory Music: As stated as music. Although, I never heard one besides the same one. It probably gives you choices of music, don't know whether as original music or music from that character. But mostly it'll be original.

Costumes: Could be referring as "Color" Costumes. Since UMvC3 Alternate Colors were referred as Costumes. While real costumes are on a Pre-Order Bonus (and then as DLC afterwards).


Belts: No clue. But to compare on the others. It says "None" while the others are "0". It's probably a Belt to wear on the character or some kind of title. Ex. SSFIV & SFxTK, SFxTK Guile's Title "I'm Going Home" or Abel's Title "Wanna Pet A Bear".


PSASBR Belt Example: PaRappa the Rapper's - "I Gotta Believe!"

The ones that would need further explanation would be Belts & Backings.

Things I want to address:

Backings: I have a few theories. Each on applies to it being the background behind the icons. What icon? Well it could be that flame background or colour on the character select, or the background behind the icon next to the AP bar. In some screenshots, the HUD has a "slash" behind the AP and Icon that is coloured depending on what player you are (red,blue,green,yellow) and perhaps the backing is the shape of this.

Victory Music:RumbaLumba recently posted a video of victory music* It was basically a remix of the characters' games' theme song. Each character could have several.

Costumes: Refers to actual bonus character skins. Some even have new models (Parappa Pre-Order). These include the pre-order costumes and unlockable costumes (Princess and Sweet Tooth were leaked in the beta when end-screen glitched)** These are not colours, because these costumes themselves have alternate colours according to Cl0ck.





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