Nov 17 2012
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would have been a fun mechanic

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i think it would have been awesome if the minions were actually like the assists from smash bros, even though i fully agree with what superbot has done and i like that minions are like the assist trophies. what im saying is it would have been cool to summon some playstation characters that couldn't make the cut as a character such as Lemmings, Tiny Tank, a Chimera (i only say this cuz its not in  the game as a character), Kuo when she has ice powers(inFAMOUS), Captian Qwark.. etc. im sure there are many other characters that could fit this. what do you guys think? do you think having characters like lemmings or tiny tank or any other character from ps history being summonable and a good helper in combat would be a good mechanc?

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