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Re: will superbot give out more pre order codes ?

Jan 12, 2013
Guys,he's talking about Raiden/Big Daddy/Dante/Heihachi outfits that weren't put on sale for PSN

Old Snake - They need more far-ranged characters that are badass,besides he reps more for MGS
Serah Farron (FF12) or Rinoa (FF8) - Both far-ranged characters,adds more females to the games,now Serah Farron can be really good at both far-ranged and close-ranged,while Rinoa can be better at far-ranged and has an companion.
Samanosuke (Onimusha) - He can be similar to Toro,his O button switches his swords making him have different fighting styles,his super level 3 could be his Oni form,besides they need a samurai.
Fei (Xenogear) - He can be the next Heihachi with Martial Art attacks and closed range character. His super 3 could be him flying around in his gear kicking some donkey. Level 1/2 obviously will be one of his deathblows.
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