Feb 05 2013
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superbot goodbye-if not

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let's face it people superbot not sony killed this game with tremendous amount of potential.after all they made the game, issues with the game balancing, kill confirms equals a jumpfest, weak roster, unbalanced specials cant blame them on the servers that's sony's fault. now, i hope ssm gives this game justice, but i am worried because of their past issues with abandoning great games like my fav game in a long time twisted metal.not one i repeat not one pack of dlc for that game.


if this game doesn't get a proper sequel i will try my best not to buy any more exclusives for the ps3.why? because a lot of us have been demanding for this game finally got ima be super p.o if sony just abandons it, because that's like sony giving me the middle finger and saying screw you.even though i have supported them for a long time.

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