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Re: sly is winning EVERY MATCH cause of stealth!!!

Oct 27, 2012
In 1v1 Sly is ok i guess. Lvl 3 supers are the reason i'm playing this game right now lol. You know how much fun it is when you get those amazing 6 kills lol?
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Re: sly is winning EVERY MATCH cause of stealth!!!

Oct 27, 2012

Revenger-cm wrote:

RedLegend14 wrote:

Revenger-cm wrote:
I'm not talking about while in ACTION, i'm talking about when Characters use LVL 3! Stealth should be not usable when lvl 3 are happening. I KNOW SLY SLY STEALTH IS EASY TO HIT, RADEC IS ALSO EASY TO BEAT when there's no idiots hitting me lol. All i want is to make it fair when a character has worked off his but for a lvl 3 super and doesn't get kills because the whole other team is full of Slys! That's it. Sly is ok with his reflect and stealth. His defense are higher than some character already. Stealth is used as defense so he is not weak in that part. He is just OP when other players are using their hard working lvl 3 super just to get 1 kill cause you see Sly 1 second in the stage and then you suddenly lost him and didn't kill anybody.

So the reason you think he's OP is because people don't use their glasses when playing.

Ok listen carefully boy. When you try to look for Sly in the screen, it can take you real good time to find him and even so he can get out of your sight and you lost him and even if you do find him by seeing the screen for 3 seconds he still can dodge multiple times and escape from your vision... you get it now?

You don't say man?? You dont say... Hence his name... SLY!!
If you don't like him then stop complaining and find a strategy to beat him. If you have been then try harder. I actually find it a challege to play against them and look forward to it because I try to look for ways to counter him. If i cant win then i'll just try harder next time and the next, simple as that. Like other people have been saying he's only overpowered to you because you seem to loose more often when facing a Sly user. Big deal, if everything was easy it wouldn't be fun now would it? Plus if he was easily identifyable he wouldn't be SLY would he now?


He lives up to his name in case you didn't know...

WordReference English Thesaurus © 2012

  • Sense: Crafty
    • wily
    • tricky
    • foxy
    • shifty
    • insidious
    • artful
    • deceitful
    • guileful
    • scheming
    • deceiving
    • captious
    • intriguing
    • cunning
    • unscrupulous
    • deceptive
    • conniving
    • calculating
    • plotting
    • elusive
    • delusive
    • illusory
    • bluffing
    • dissembling
    • dishonest
    • mealy-mouthed
    • treacherous
    • underhanded
    • sneaking
    • double-dealing
    • traitorous
    • sharp
    • smart
    • ingenious
    • cagey
    • dishonorable
    • crooked
    • mean
    • dirty
    • ratty
    • double-crossing
    • slick
    • smooth
    • slippery
    • shady
  • Sense: Shrewd
    • clever
    • sharp
    • astute
    • intelligent
  • Sense: Secretive
    • furtive
    • evasive
    • stealthy
    • secret
    • secretive
    • private


    I emphasized the ones in red in case you couldn't figure that out yourself. But you get the picture. I hope.


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Re: sly is winning EVERY MATCH cause of stealth!!!

Oct 27, 2012
One thing I don't get is why you're using only lvl3s as the example for Sly dying. If there's a Sly, DON'T USE A LVL3, if it irritates you that much that he doesn't die. Sly has two decent or better Supers, and one bad one, whereas Radec has overall the best Supers of the beta characters. All three are good, so if you want Sly to die more, use your lvl1 or 2 more than you do your lvl3. A lvl2 can normally net two or three kills in FFA, anyway, so two lvl2s (the price of a lvl3) nets about the same amount of kills as his lvl3. AND you kill Sly. Win-win.
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