Jan 15 2013
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"Super Effects" Comments + Complaints + Suggestions

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Remember the Super "Noises", "Visuals" and "Freezing Effect" from the Dante-Sir Dan "Here Comes a New Challnger" videos?


I miss those....

For those who don't know,  the supers within the videos are more high-pitched.

Here's how it is (And no, it's not the same. It can be hard to tell the difference, but this one sounds more like a higher-pitched "pop!")




You'll probably get a better feel for the noise in Dante's vid though:

I want that "Super Noise" back :/ I find it to be better than the one now available. 


- I dislike the new "Super visual" thing, that shows the player color  + ps logos. (ie, player four yellow, ps icons)

I like the whole "Blue beam" thing

- I like the "Freeze" effect before dying

- I like this vid's Super Noise....

Can we at least make it changable?

And what happened to the "Alternate color super bars" shown in that Russian video?
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