Oct 16 2012
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new things I have seen through out battles

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it seems like the newer build they made is really cool!

they made that when you fly away when getting hit hard it throws a bit less than it used to so it is much easier to return to the fight!

also I have seen that the sackbot isnt a minion but an actual item!!

I am not sure what it does other than sticking on an enemy and being cute but it is a nice addition Smiley Very Happy


when dying now it seems that the enemy who is killed has a orange aura of sorts?

wonder if its tweakable (change colors , change death animation back to the freeze and explode stuff like this)


I think there were more but I am not sure and will happily hear any more stuff you guys have found Smiley Very Happy


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Re: new things I have seen through out battles

Oct 16, 2012
Where did you see sackbot item?

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