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Re: most surprising nerf's they missed and buff's

Mar 19, 2013

I'm pretty sure most characters still have their short-hop options. Both Cole's grenades, Ratchet's Plasma Shot, Drake's everything. The only character who's short-hopping was effected is Nariko. It's nice they notice short-hopping is cheap, but there are some characters whose short-hopping is much worse.


Another nerf that should've happened: I'm very sure Heihachi's fully charged Raijin Stance is intended to have his next move gain triple AP. Instead, he gains triple AP until his next move. What it means is that if he were standing over an AP ejecting hazard (Iron Maiden's fire pools, Dreamscape's mist), he's can gain all that back at triple value over and over. Just limit the darn thing to where he gain's triple AP for his next move and his next move only.


Also, Sir Dan's level 3 should be tech-proof. Why should folks be able to dodge roll or possum out of the explosion? Make the super tech-proof and it'd make getting out of the orb that much more urgent.

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