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Re: kratos raiden and zeus need to go

Jun 18, 2013
SonOfKratos, just because he is an antagonist in a major IP does not mean he is relevant to PS history to the same degree others are. I agree that people complaining about no characters and then complaining when there are new ones are stupid but it is mainly because they want other ones and are disapointed they weren't chosen, however that doesn't mean we can't have these ones though. Zeus is nowhere near as iconic or well known as bowser or ganondorf, and isn't even the PS equivalent. Radec is a well known charismatic character who's side defines the killzone franchise (to the point where people wish they could play on his side). Zeus by comparison is an adapted version of a character from greek mythology who is lacking anywhere near the charisma of Radec. Dr Nef. and crash's antagonist are much more iconic and even their games are more iconic (not saying GOW isn't) for PS. Big Daddy is the best rep from his franchise and there are various reasons why a bioshock character is in the game. When discussing things like this, your feelings for franchises need to be put to one side.

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