Mar 15 2013
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kill confirms i'm being reasonable

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kill confirms should only get you one kill, not multiple like raiden.example ffa you have say nariko on the ground doing a combo on someone then a 3rd player joins the fray.raiden is a good distance away, he dashes kill confirms into lvl 1 gets him 3 kills.sounds fair i think not.the right way to do it ecole giga punch gets him 1 kill 2 if he's extremely lucky.i understand that there are not many characters that have raidens ability oh and fp as well.kat's can be a problem because the opponent she caught exploded taking out the anybody within range.put it this way its basically like nariko's lvl1 but better.sweet tooth is another example on the way it should be done 1 hit kill confirm, only one kill, two if he gets extremely lucky.


i just got done playing a ffa match where a raiden will just wait for the right moment for players to bunch up.and dont even say just dont punch up it's bound to happen(especially with melee players)anyways he waited for players to bunch up and boom 3 kills with his dash, and let's face it that dash it pretty freaking fast.anyways i understand its the minority of characters that can do this, but one bad apple can make it annoying for other players.

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