Nov 22 2012
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if i still have the right to speak, i want to review the game.

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I already got platinum trophie and i can tell this game is great online and localy with 3 other friends. I love how the added the level system for the character and what i like most about it is their unlockable taunts,music,intros,outros. So i'm going to mention every mode of the game and what it lacks of it (not such a huge deal)


Arcade Mode: (lack of cutscenes) I always tought that between all fights there would be a cutscene, since i had friday and this week off, i had the time to play the 30 minutes arcade for each character and from there know if i like them or not. The result of my 9 characters i wanted to mained resulted everyone minus Nathan Drake ( his moveset is so weird) Its a great way to learn the character and set apart if you would rather use him. It just needs a bit of conflict on why all the characters are fighting. I tough it would be like the latest mortal kombat game where all gather at the dojo place.


Combat Trials etc: Havent's done anything besides the trophies on these ones, but i know is an extra RP for you characters so feel free to use them.


Versus Match: Nothing really to speak here besides AI and options. Options are better than online and they are great. AI are also great for practice if you can't acess online, but i find them little bit less fun than online of course. You can rub it on the other player's face Smiley Wink AI difficulty is great but i still can't win when fighting 3 lvl 5 AI with the new characters. Even with sweeth tooth i couldn't beat Raiden in the dojo and i have used him a lot. I can beat lvl 4 AI except Sly. I learned my mistakes but i try what i have learn and his invisibility, reflect, transportation you can't really concentrate on him on where he is. You can go ahead vs Sly in highest difficulty of the AI and know for yourself. Spike has it too, but he doesn't have reflect ( i think) or cloak.


Customize: Not a big deal for me in my opinion. It's like getting a emblem icon in black ops 2, not really that exciting as the taunts, intros, outros and music which is totally cool. (till lvl 100)


Online: Sometimes a player teleports but that's about it. I was using Sweet Tooth once and use the shotgun b4 kratos even used his lvl 2 and idk how it manage to ignore it.


Stages: perfect


Characters: I think Sackboy, Sir Daniel, Nathan Drake are the worst for me. (Best are coles,kratos,daddy,raiden,dante,tooth,radec as i expected b4...almost)


Content: Hope DLC brings at least 10 characters and 10 stages ( and modes) cause it what it needs and this game does it perfect if they get to that. Personally i want Connor or Ezio for the game. I really don't care for the others since even if i really want Crash and Spyro for the game i know i would end up not using them since small sized characters are really hard to use in my opinion.


I would give 8.5 but only thing missing is lack of content and cutscenes which can't be replaced. If they get that many content then it gets 9.5 for sure. It still better than brawl in my opinion since i use 3 extra characters than i did on brawl and still haven't play fully everyone. Can't wait for my friend and my cousins to get for the real fun. Anyways thanks and i'm sorry for my last thread ( no the sly is noobish) and the one for grabbing is noobish. 



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