Mar 01 2013
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for those that are complaining about the new dlc characters

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Its funny how I remember a ton of people wanting way more characters and also a lot of people requesting Isaac for a 3rd party character but then when more characters come out people start complaining...I get it that you guys want more 1st party characters or the Obvious really really great 3rd party choices like Cloud, Crash,Sora, Spyro, Pyramid Head, Leon Kennedy and so on but im sure they will come soon as dlc or a sequel, either way you never no but appreciate everything that has been coming through..I mean theyve just added more costumes and minions and you know what that means, we could probably see an oldschool Dante costume...New dlc levels are coming and superbot said there are tons more finished characters we havent seen yet aswell as some that were scrapped due to the move to Santa Monica etc...Theyve also used some of the ideas we gave them about enabling the rival arene stage or giving us characters for free via purchasing another game so its clear they are listening and trying their best to make people happy...Think about it, Zeus is in the new God of War and technically 1st party because of Sony Santa Monica so that was kind of a no brainer show of faith kind a thing.Having Isaac in the game shows that the 3rd party characters could go anywhere as Dead space is owned by EA, that means that we could get Shepard from Mass effect or the guy from Crysis. We are still waiting to see who ubisoft throws into the ring between Assasins Creed rep,Rayman or someone from Far cry 3. Again though I remember several posts on this board requesting Isaac Clarke so where the hell are those guys are here to support the legacy that superbot has created as this game is for the fans of sony and video games in general..

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