Sep 29 2012
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finally got hands on

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So I went eurogamer and finally got to have a go and the best way to describe this game is fun as heck.
I really enjoyed my playthroughs so much that it made me come back for more. The graphics are great and the game runs at a smooth frame rate.

I played as Jak and daxter and he's a very fun to play. Loads of mobility and crowd control and he can generate ap quite quickly. And anyone still worrying about the lvl2 super, the radius is huge, I got 3 guys many times with the dark bomb.
I also played as ratchet and clank and he's fun also, he doesn't do well close range so he needs a bit of distance.

I was hearing smash fans discuss the game and they find it fun as well despite it's similarities and differences and thats good to hear. I would of played more but i couldnt stay long since i lost a lot of time travelling from uni.

Overall i enjoyed my experience with the game and i think its worth the purchase.
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Re: finally got hands on

Sep 29, 2012
glad you had fun! And i cant wait to play as jak day of launch
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