Jul 22 2012
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characters who stand best chance to get in all stars.

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this is not a wish list but just the characters who i think stand a good chance of getting in the game and i did my homework of sony owned games and some not sony owned game characters who got at least a 50% chance of getting in
Ape escape-specter
Ico-ico or yorda
Heavenly sword- nariko
Medievil-sir daniel fortesque
Resistance-nathan hale
Ratchet,clank series-ratchet,clank
Shadow of the colossus-wander
M.g.s-solid snake
Kingdom hearts-sora
Final fantasy-cloud strife
Tomb raider-lara croft
Rayman series-rayman
Assassins creed-ezio auditore
Devil may cry-dante
Now last three are owned by activision so it might take superbot alot of money to get them
Crash bandicoot
Last but not least also owned by activision just because paulgale said there will probably be a superhero type character in this game and because sony owns the rights to the movies....spiderman.
Let me know what you all think other than spiderman i think i nailed it let me know if i missed someone.have a nice day my fellow community members and ps mrepic1 if your reading this i want a spot in your tournament haha.
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Re: characters who stand best chance to get in all stars.

Jul 22, 2012
Pretty much every IP has a chance to get in unless they're in a contract with MS or Nintendo. Any publisher would be happy to hand over the the rights to get some advertising, you think they care if it makes sense? Acti will no doubt hand over the rights to use Crash & Sypro to Sony just as much as they'd be willing to hand them over to Microsoft and Nintendo.
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Re: characters who stand best chance to get in all stars.

Jul 22, 2012

honestly i agree completely because those are some big faces. i think they should make it so u can call in for assists from 2nd to  3rd party people in the game

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Re: characters who stand best chance to get in all stars.

Jul 22, 2012

Seems a bit western-focused. Some of these characters would be considered obscure outside the west. You should include Wild Arms, Arc the Lad and Dark Cloud.


Secondly, Gabriel Logan deserves a spot. The sales of the first two Syphon Filter games trounce Shadow of the Colossus and Ico combined.


I like to make PSASBR move-sets. Here's a few:

Dart.jpg Daedalus.png Selvaria.jpg Alicia.png Dante.png Ellen.jpg

Never say I don't contribute: I'm The Idea Man.

Community Move-Set for Specter. Help build it.

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