Dec 07 2012
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anyone else having this problem..

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i'm not one to complain about this game, i love it! But i just got a update today and it was working fine until i went and chose the metropolis stage in versus mode. The loading screen just sticks the star is moving but i've waited about 10 mins until i just quit the game, then my ps3 beeped 3 times and restarted itself. i tried again and same thing.. it's just a bit dissapointing the metropolis stage won't load for me as it's one of my favorite stages.


edit: After investigating this abit more it seems that it isn't Metropolis that is locking the loading screen. It's actually Jak my game seems to be not loading if Jak is in a match.. which to be honest is worse than a level not loading. Also if any of you think it might be the disc, it's the digital version which was working fine till today.

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