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Re: another new Rumba_Lumba vid

Oct 5, 2012

musicfreaklam wrote:

Bladecatcher77 wrote:

Obviously Sora.


But what's the deal with the incredulity towards this Rumba Lumba fella? Has he lied / trolled etc. before?


I'm withholding judgment for now, but I'd like some sort of account of how credible this guy is.

Honestly, I think it's just that people are never satisfied.  Rumba, according to what I've heard, was the one who gave away the major beta leak over the summer.  He supposedly hacked the second beta as well and found all the voiceover files and stage music files, which are very credible.  Up until that point people trusted him.  Now he's giving video hints of characters he's apparently seen in the beta and people are giving him crap.  In my opinion, people just think his clues are too good to be true so they immediately assume he's a troll.  I still have hope Smiley Very Happy Being an optimist is fun


He is getting a lot of heat due to his behaviour change at GameFAQS after the first Beta Leak. Which is why some people don't immeadiatly believe him.

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