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Re: Your favourite Super to land?

Oct 23, 2012

ATOMB0Y_ wrote:

BASSTakena wrote:

I started to get somewhat good with Sweet Tooth's Lvl 2. I love to see the guys beating the **bleep** out of each other while I go far away, launch the Nuke and Slooowly get closer to them. They never noticed it, or sometimes they do, and try to get away, but seems like not many people are aware of the detonate button. I can't remember if I had striked 3 kills once, but many times I gave Mr. Grimm 2 players to have fun with, if you know what I mean Smiley Wink
But I can understand when people think it's one of the worst specials. The Nuke it's slow and somewhat hard to manouver. Sometimes you detonate it, but no kills are made. It takes some time, but I really like it. That and his lvl 1, specially when I take down 2 guys with it. Feels AWESOME, and just to add insult to the injury, when I get 2 to 3 guys (Again, I have a vague memory I did this, but I can't be sure) I taunt them. When they re-spawn, they go full throttle on my **bleep** XD.

Another one I like it's Sly's Lvl 1, just because I LOVE Murray, and the range of the special sometimes is ridiculous. I have been killed and have killed guys while Murray was on the ground!

how do you detonate it? I have tried multiple times but it has never worked for me

Press O. Doesn't have THAT much of radius, but it can get some kills done right.

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