Dec 17 2012
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Your Challenges

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So I got bored and decided this game would do well if it had some custom scenarios outside of the combat trials for people to complete. Seeing as it isnt a feature in there yet i turned to creating my own scenarios and wanted to share some here and ask for other peoples ideas. 


Rules are simple:

  • Give the challenge a name
  • Short Synopsis/Info
  • Characters Featured
  • Stage
  • Game Rules

I'll give a few to get the ball rolling



 Cole find himself in a tough spot, Kessler accompanied by two Reapers have appeared at Alden’s Tower ready for a fight.



Good Cole (Player)

Evil Cole (Reaper Costume)

Evil Cole (Reaper Costume)

Good Cole (Kessler Costume)


Stage: Aldens Tower


Game Rules:

1 v 3

Stock Mode, 1 Life

No Items or Hazards



Confetti Party

Looks like Sackboy took a wrong turn and crashed a party of some sort, be careful this could get messy…



Sackboy (Player)


Sweet Tooth

Big Daddy


Stage: Columbia


Game Rules:

1 v 3

Score, 3:00 min time limit

High AP Gain

Everything else default



A Brave Knight

As any brave knight should, Sir Daniel stands by the princess, protecting her from any danger, however tough they may be.



Sir Daniel

Fat Princess


Evil Cole


Stage: Dreamscape


Game Rules:

2 v 2

Stock 3 Lives

Everything else default

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