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Re: Why the hate on Assassin's Creed

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Oct 15, 2012

RexLozuresky wrote:

S-o-h-a-i-l wrote:
You don't have to take the story seriouslly to like it, but it is really interesting.

Oh c'mon they take randomly a bunch of stuff like Gods, 2012, and other things I don't remember. I possibly can't take the story seriously, but that wasn't what I meant.


The thing that itches me is that the story itself takes itself too seriously. The game is like "Whoa dude my story it's so awesome never heard anything like this before did you?" and that annoys me. It's original in an incredibly forced way

that is so true, and i love the ac games, 

i honestly play the game because its fun for me, wether its repetetive or not,

i mean, my favourite is the first ac game, and people bitched how that game was so freaking repetetive, freakin' pansies Smiley Tongue

one thing that i couldn't stand with the ezio trilogy is that it felt like he was some sort of super human, taking on 20 guards and winning,

that's not a **bleep** assassin, it's a **bleep** monster, which is also another reason why i like the first one better, 'cause we really felt like being an assassin,


anyways, back to the topic at hand, on why i quoted, yes the story is redicilous,

really though, they're using the mayan 2012 thing as a basis for some tragedy, i mean,


and, not to mention,

kristen bell's character's dead! that really sucks....


for me, a game with good story, that i can remember out of my head,

is mgs 4 + good gameplay, gta 4 the gameplay was pretty straight forward, but the story kept me tied,

i'd also throw in mass effect, although i've only played the first 2....

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