Nov 11 2012
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Why PSASBR Could Become Something More For the Brawler Genre

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Although Playstation all-Stars at its core is meant to be a "love letter" to the Playstation fans the game is showing signs already of becoming a showcase brawler for more than just the Playstation crowd. Look at the 3rd Party characters this game has. Big Daddy(Bioshock), Dante(DmC), Raiden(MGS), Hehachi(Tekken). And this is PSASBRs first game. If successful Playstation All-Stars could also become a marketing tool for 3rd Party Devs that want to market their game to everyone. The same way the developers of DmC and MetalGearRising are currently doing in the game. If Playstation All-Stars could become that game for not only gamers but the 3rd Party developers, this game could potentially reach great levels of popularity and see a huge increase in roster counts for future games, which is never a bad thing as long as there are no clones.
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