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Re: Why I think there will be more than 20 characters at launch.

Nov 20, 2012

I agree that there may be more than 20 characters at launch and here is my reasoning. I know its bad to compare it to Brawl but here it is, Brawl announced their "full roster" before the game to give a taste of veterans and people they wanted to build up hype for, then after the game was released they released Secret characters on their Dojo to show that there are going to be more characters but you had to earn them.


I'm thinking PS All-Stars will do the same thing, there has been tons of speculation and screen shots showing more characters that have yet to be announced and Paul Gale's source did say that there was more included then what SuperBot intended to give to everyone. So my theory is that there might be more on the disc other than DLC characters released later because there may be hidden characters that SuperBot didn't want to disclose to give us more to hope for in the game than the initial 20.

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