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Re: What with the T-Bagging?

Apr 3, 2013

Are you people saying that when I shoot a laser beam out of my finger and kill everyone, I can't enjoy bocking like a chicken for 5 seconds? Smiley Sad


Even "T-Bagging" as Sir Dan looks godlike. No regrets.


If there's nobody alive but me on the screen, I need something to do. If someone gets overly cocky, they're easier to kill.


I had a guy message me calling me a "Tryhard Sir Dan scrub" or something like that the other day because my level 2 orb hit him while he was taunting. Bwah I'm so deeply offended.


Half the time, I end up taunting just because I'm goofing around anyway. Does everyone have to be so competitive that you can't just have fun playing a game?

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