Nov 08 2012
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What we've learned from today's PS Blog article

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As you all know, it's finally been confirmed from Seth Killian himself the rivalry pairs and the final boss for the game.  Also, earlier this week it was officially confirmed that DLC will be coming in the form of characters and stages.


If you look at the comments under the article, however, you can find even more exciting bits about the game that Seth has confirmed:





It sure looks like there will be DLC character announcements really soon!  And also, DLC characters will have a story mode, rivalries, alt outfits, minions, etc.  This makes me so extremely excited to see what SuperBot has to show us  Smiley Happy

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Re: What we've learned from today's PS Blog article

Nov 8, 2012
Me too. If DLC characters have rivalries that means that each DLC will have 2 new characters.
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