Oct 14 2012
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What if...Crash and Snake..

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Think about It guy's. What If Crash and Snake Made to Allstar BUT made an awesome Trailer's 

Just like Back in 2008 With Sonic Joins Brawl That made Everyone Freaked Out and Exicted. 


Now Just Think About An Awesome Trailer of Crash? like someone said on the fourm "Superbot Could be doing an HUGE Reveal To Get our Hype Powerful Then No other!" That could be True! Hell i cant even wait to see if that happen's.



And For Snake. I understand Why we got Raiden instead of Snake because he was Smsash bro's

But we're might Be getting The OLD snake. "Here's come's a new challenger! SNAKE!" "I've kept you waiting huh?"

Some Epic Trailer than smash bro's of what  We saw.

But Wait! There's another thing. 

What if Snake Does an Easter egg? Like This one 


Or Who ever is doing the Easter the egg To get To Know Character's. That Would be epic

I can Tell This Game is gana be Fun and epic at the same time! Smiley Very Happy

But What Do You Guy's Think? An epic Trailer title called "Crash Joins Allstar!" to freak us out to death until we pass out? and Snake Who could Do another Easter Egg or Whoever is doing it and making an epic trailer for fan's out there?



Now i Wait For the Appereance *Sit's Down*

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Re: What if...Crash and Snake..

Oct 14, 2012

As much as i would have loved them in the game, it's time to face facts..


Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom, and Comic Con are done with. Those would have been the events they would have been annouced at.


the game's a month a way.  we have boxart with big daddy and raiden. they would be advertising the hell out of them to get more pre-orders.



i don't think they're apart of the launch roster...





But, remember. Snake, Cloud, Wander, and Activision superheroes are in Little Big Planet DLC. there's a strong possibly they'll be DLC in this too!

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