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Re: Vita version

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Jan 26, 2013

Occhi07 wrote:

Fromundaman wrote:
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No more goddamn Vita users XD

.... Sorry, but playing against Vita users causes a lot of glitches and connection issues for some reason. Just played a lot of them in tournament today and it is the most frustrating feeling ever.

1) not neccesarily a vita player, could be a ps3 player with crappy connection, i play just fine on my vita. no lag or disconnections.


2) i personnaly think all stars is better on the vita.

I completely agree that it is better on the vita for the vita user. For the PS3 user it's a nightmare.

This has literally been happening with every Vita user since launch. These issues rarely ever occur against PS3 users. Yesterday just drove the point home for me since I had to do 12-15 back-to-back games with Vita users and had all this **bleep** happen. After the tournament I started going into quick matches and did games with friends and no more problems. This happens every time, but yesterday was just so much more of it in a row... ugh...

They really either need to figure out and fix this issue, or give each console their own servers. Maybe even do the latter until they can figure out the former.

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