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Nov 21 2012
By: drakolecoococo I Only Post Everything 1194 posts

Vita Preorder Costume Problem

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I cannot download my preordered costume for the vita from the ps3..  It dosnt appear... I downloaded the entire game from my ps3 and transfered to my vita succesfully. 


But it impossible to download the costume from the vita.. its said impossible...

Crash Bandicoot from Twinsanity for PSABR ! I hope.
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Monster Hunter
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Re: Vita Preorder Costume Problem

Nov 21, 2012

Go to the psn store go to the psabr  page choose free or (version) when you are on that page choose the free option i think it is about 7.2 gb) checkout -> confirm purchase then it should be available in your download list.


Go on your vita go to the store -> go to the dowload list it should be there just like the ps3 version just download that to your vita and it should be good.

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