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Vergill's Movelist if he is going to be added as DLC

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Neutral square X3=  He hits the players with the sheathe of his sword twice than slashes the player with his katana and knocks the player to the wall this move gives him 45 AP


Up and square = yamoto upper slash if pressed again he preforms a downward slash this gives him 20AP the upper slash can be cancceled into aerial moves the upper slash alone gives 10AP


Down and square = This is the second part to yamoto upper slah this can also be used seperatly if used pn its own it crumbles foes This alone gives 10ap


So his sqaure buttons are mapped to his kattana his triangle moves will rely on his beowolf and force edge 

triangle neutral= if this is mashed he will use his beowolf twice he will then finish the combo with his force edge this combo gives vergill 45 AP


Triangle held down= If triangle is held down for 2 seconds he throws the force edge at an enemy and can combo the enemy untill force edge is returned this move alone gives Vergill 20 AP


Up and triangle = He uses his beowolf to launch enemies into the air if this move is mashed he will perform his beowolf sumoursault. The launch gives vergill 20 AP while the sumoursault gives Vergill 25.


forword and Triangle = stinger This move will have a little more range than kratoses forward square but will have more recovery this move gives vergill 20 AP (So this move wont get spamed to hell)


Down and triangle = this is Vergills beowolf sumorsault without the launch cancel.

His circle buttons are his teleports


Circle nutral= he teleports directly to an enemy 


circle and forward= he teleprts behind an opponent . Vergill will only be able to attack after a few milleseconds so this move wont get spammed


up and circle = teleport above an enemy 


down and circle = cancel the air teleport if something bad happens.




R2= judgement cut the orbs can be used above or infront of him this super will be quite fast and can be used as a counter attack if used correctly.


Level 2

R2= he will use his rapid slash it is similar to dantes stinger

R2 (if mashed)= He will use his spiral swords the player can teleport to enemies to use quick work of his enemies however I doubt that superbot will do this.


Level 3

= Devil trigger Vergill can kill enemies on screen He can also use an infinite ammount of judgment cuts so enemies cant run too far


And thats it I doubt anyone will read this but if you do than I thank you If there are a few things wrong then message back I will frequently be here becaus my computer is next to my ps3.



I have been playing dmc3 lately and I noticed whenever vergil finishes a move if he fully sheathes his katana he gets a full Magic orb so maybe if you do that in ps all stars he gets an extra 10 ap for fully finishing a move?

Update 2.0 aerial moves.

Square= If mashed in mid air vergil will send lightning quick flashes with his kattana ending in a more visible kattana chop sending enemies flying. This move alone gives vergill 20 AP


Up and sqaure=  Vergil uses a summoned sword to stun his foe if up and square is mashed in mid air more summoned swords will appear but wont be as effectefive and will not stun. If 1 summoned sword is used 15 ap will be gained if more than 10AP this version shoots the swords downward


Down and square= Helm breaker the same as dantes version


Forward and sqaure= Vergill performs a sperate katana chop. This alone gives vergill 10 AP

Triangle aerial moves

Up and triangle= Vergill fires a summoned sword upward if mashed more than one summoned sword can be fired but wont stun the enemy. 1 summoned sword gives Vergil 20 AP while more grants 23 AP.


Forward and triangle= Starfall similar to raidens dropkick but much more deadlier but unlike raiden Vergill knocks down the enemy. This move grants Vergill 24 AP

Down and triangle= Vergils sumoursualt but in mid air this move extends combos and can give enemies a ground bounce for contuined comboing. This move alone gives vergill 20AP


Circle aerial moves

Up and circle= A upwords teleport can be used as a triple jump


Forward circle= teleport to enemy in mid air

down and circle= A downwards teleport to cancel a jump

circle= A fakeout teleport.


Annnnnnnnnnnd Done


Watch this video of vergills Real dmc3 movelist




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Re: Vergill's Movelist if he is going to be added as DLC

Jan 26, 2013

Vergil will not be added as DLC, I can tell you that right now. Maybe as a costume for Dante, but definitely not his own character

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Re: Vergill's Movelist if he is going to be added as DLC

Jan 26, 2013
Sorry I don't think there will be two characters from DmC, especially considering that Vergil's coat is already a color swap for Dante. However, interesting moveset!
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Re: Vergill's Movelist if he is going to be added as DLC

Jan 26, 2013

I think it is possible to add him as dlc I mean think about it his moves dont need much thinking of and the animations can be coded quickly. Plus it is possible that there could be 2 dmc reps because infamous has 2 of the same chars. And it aint the gospel truth as a player I will do as much as I can to make vergill's place in the game and you can say I have no life. And a better question do you want him in the game and why?

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