Feb 02 2013
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Used IP Characters

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Okay, now that everyone's pretty much stated every game character they wanted, something kinda bugged me. I understand we want all these characters from all these unadressed I.P.'s but would it be possible to get some more playable characters from each universe? I get each universe should be represented, but can't we get some villians and support characters too? For instance--

-Mr. Grimm from Twisted Metal

-Samos from Jak and Daxter, or Gol & Mai?

-Nefarious or Qwark from Ratchet & Clank (who cares if they're in the background already)

-Snake from MGS (or liquid, I'll take him too)

-Spectre the Evil Monkey from Ape Escape

-And of course The Plumber Guy from R&C (c'mon... he'd be awesome!)


Just some ideas. I obviously didn't cover every game, but what do you guys think? Honestly if Superbot did this and added a villians DLC or something, it'd be money in the bank IMO.




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Re: Used IP Characters

Feb 2, 2013
They should try and focus on getting as much 1st party IPs before they take more from the same IP
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