Nov 29 2012
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Unblockables List

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Since there's apparently this horrid fear of people learning how to actually block, here's a full list of all the moves in the game that are unblockable. These are ones that set up a stun and usually take some charge-up time. Currently, nothing else in the entire game is unblockable. I have personally tested every single move against a block in Practice, both aerial and grounded.


Kratos - Helios Flash Charged. (Down Circle)

Parappa - None.

Fat Princess - Scepter Bash Charged. (Square)

Sweet Tooth - None.

Colonel Radec - None.

Sly Cooper - Cane Swipe Charged. (Down Square)

Nathan Drake - None.

Cole MacGrath - None.

Evil Cole MacGrath - None. (Charged punch only stuns if it hits, doesn't break guard.)

Ratchet and Clank - Sonic Eruptor Charged. (Triangle)

Jak and Daxter - Wave Concussor Charged. (Down Circle)

Big Daddy - Incinerate Charged. (Circle)

Dante - None.

Heihachi - None.

Nariko - None.

Raiden - Heavy Combos Charged. (Triangle)

Sackboy - Jetpack Corkscrew Charged. (Forward Triangle)
Sir Daniel Fortesque - Hero Sword Thrust Charged. (Forward Square)

Spike - Double Stun Dash Charged. (Forward Square)

Toro - Fiery Mochi Charged. (Oni Style, Triangle.)



Notice how all of them are the charged versions. Each of them take a full second.

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Re: Unblockables List

Nov 29, 2012
never realized how many charged moves there was till I read this
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Re: Unblockables List

Nov 29, 2012
I thought Evil Cole's Falcon Punch did guard break..

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