Apr 10 2013
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UPDATED: New Items Thread

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Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, but I would like to say some ideas of items we could have and their affects!

1. Boxing Glove/Power Punch (Ape Escape) Rare Item 

I know Spike has the boxing glove as a move, but what if it could be used as an item? You charge it up all the way (hold square), release it, and they're stunned for a short period of time, allowing you to either start a combo, or pick up a kill with a Level 1 or 2. You gain no AP with it.

2. Blitz Cannon (Ratchet And Clank) Normal Item

You get 2 shots with this. It works like this, every shot you shoot, you gain 20 or 30 AP, and it throws the people across the screen. Like the fish, if the flown person hits another opponent or partner, AP gets knocked out (I don't know how much gets knocked out... 5%?). Can be used in front of you (throws them back), or on the floor (launches people up. Not so low that Sir Dan can get a KC), or up (yeah... You'll send people flying).

3. Maltov (Twisted Metal) Normal Item
I know it is one of Sweet Tooths moves, but maybe it wouldn't have to be. You throw it forward, or below you, and for every person that stands in there, it gains you 10 AP and lasts for 6 seconds. The radius isn't to big... Maybe as big as Boomy Box?




@Splatteregg- Yellow Eco (Jak and Daxter) Rare Item

When picked up, you glow yellow and everytime you press square, triangle, or circle, you shoot fireballs, which explode on contact to anything. This item lasts for 5 seconds and each hit gives you 2 AP.


@Splatteregg and my ideas- PS Box (My mind... I don't know) Rare Item

When you press R1, the box opens up and a character from a game comes out and has an affect in the match! List:

Bentley- Bentley jumps out of the box and drops a grenade wherever you want. He follows you until you press R1 again, which triggers him to drop the grenade. Anybody hit by the grenade loses 10% of AP.


Sully- Sully jumps out of the box, puzzled how he got there, and throws 30 AP in the air, and crawls back in.


Pipo Monkey- A Pipo Monkey jumps out, and throws a random item at you, which hits you (Hits you like Kat's debris), and jumps back in.


Carmelita Fox- Carmelita peeks out of the box and shoots and stun guneither left or right. It can be a negative effect because she comes out quick enough to hit you, so if you do not dodge it, you will get hit.


Nix and Kuo- If Nix comes out, Nix will go to your nearest opponent, and throw a smoke cloud at them. Every second they lose 3% AP and stays for 5 seconds. If Kuo comes out, Kuo will shoot an ice missle foward (Like the actually Ice missle), and freeze whoever gets hit for 5 seconds.


Ashelin Praxis- I don't know what she will do yet... we could really use her though. I'll be back later and type something.




Any other item ideas? Please share and I will add them to this, and put your name with your idea.


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Re: Item Ideas

Apr 10, 2013

Ratchet and Clank: Groovatron. Anyone caught in it's AOE is in an uncontrollable dance. Rare item.

Jak and Daxter: yellow Eco, temporally shoot yellow fireballs to attack with.


Some sort of assist trophy like in SSBB, call in character that are not playable like Bentley, Qwark, Sully, Sotaru, Kuro etc.

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Re: UPDATED: New Items Thread

Apr 10, 2013
I don't like the ideas of Boxing Glove or Molotov because that's taking the moves of other characters. Not really that fair.

My idea is a PS Move controller that tranforms into different objects depending on how it's swung (Racquet, Golf club, Sword, etc.).

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Re: UPDATED: New Items Thread

Apr 10, 2013

For a second, I actually thought we were getting these.  : /

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Re: UPDATED: New Items Thread

Apr 10, 2013

Blue Eco (Jak and Daxter): Makes the player move faster and attack faster.

Groovitron (Ratchet & Clank): Forces enemies to dance, opening up foes for 1-hit kills

Scatter Gun (Jak and Daxter): A shotgun-type weapon that can be used up to 3 times for 30 AP a shot, more if multiple enemies are hit.

Security Bot (BioShock): Follows enemy around, automatically shooting enemies that come near for a total of 10 seconds.

Ricochet (Twisted Metal): Small RC car. Throw it and it rolls along the ground. It explodes on contact for 50 AP, or disappears after 15 seconds.

Shock Pistol (Sly Cooper): Up to 4 shots, 20 AP a shot with a shock effect that stuns foes.

Impact Explosive (LittleBigPlanet): Thorwable bomb that gives 40 AP, more if other enemies are caught in the blast radius.

Creatinator (LittleBigPlanet): A helmet that shoots a random affect: Fire, Water, Missiles, Plasma

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