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Tweaks and Thoughts for Everything...

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Tweaks and Thoughts for Everything...

I've been reading the latest threads and been playing since way before the first patch. So now I can actually give my own tweaks and

thoughts for every character and gameplay that I can think of at the moment.

I'll start with the characters:

1) Kratos: Oh dear daddy Kratos. As I have read in other threads there are many Kratos fans since it first came out in ps2, and I can say I AM one of the really hardcore fan of God Of War(actually having real Blades of Chaos and more) and greek mythology overall since I was a kid. So with that said, of course my main is Kratos 999. BUT there are good and bad things.
    a) Even with the last patch and fixing his square range and foward square (all in all good), there are still many spammers of the  same, specially they use it while you're attacking someone else or when more than 1 Kratos is around(besides me) and they  use it as a chain reaction after the other one is done. I know the keep blocking till his open but since I'm a Kratos, I'm a swat  Kratos, meaning I'm always breaking parties and in the front line, not always enough time for blocking. But in the end, don't  know what else can be done with that.
    b) Cirlce (Golden Fleece), doesn't react accordingly like Raiden, Sly or Dante. I've use it during the mentioned characters, long  a$$ combos and I've seen my Kratos guarding and shining the fleece, yet their attacks go through like nothing. That should be  fixed a bit. But when it works, it does wonders!
    c) lvl 1 kill can be stopped too easily. Raiden and Dante for example, can be stopped if you hit them with a hard attack of from  above, Kratos, you can just breath on him and he'll stop.         

    d) Users: Yes, there are many spammers, like mentioned, yet there are a couple of god Kratos users like myself. I almost use  every attack during a match and avoid foward square only when needed. The only thing of fighting another good Kratos is not  whos better but who has more upload connection and mine sucks, meaning, I attack first, but his attack hits me first. **bleep** it.

2) Raiden: Everlasting combos (when someone good plays him) and speed is above everybody elses. But my most concern is his ending hit which leaves you as a kill confirm, kneeling instead of facing the ground or flying away, so it leaves you for a better lvl 1. Not all his combos do this, but the some do and his foward slash does too.

3) Dante: Again with the everlasting combos. You can go and a take drink of water, wash your face and come back, and he's still at it. He should be like Nariko, have a slight opening while changing attacks during the combos. =\ Nothing much besides that.

4) Sir Daniel: Not much with him. Maybe more range in his lvl 1 and maybe a bit more agile.

5) Nariko: Well, she has her everlasting combo too, but there's an opening so thats ok (aside from the air combo where she literally rides

you). But people tend to spam her grab/pull attack. She needs an opening like they did with Kratos foward square, cause even if you block, spammers keep at it like you owe them money.

6) Evil Cole: Spammers. Spammers everywhere! "Hey, why don't I just go far away and shoot like a maniac?!"  'Nuff said.

7) Good Cole: See Evil Cole. =\

8) Radec: See Good Cole. Then again, I know it's his tactic, but **bleep** that foward triangle. As soon as I see one, he's my target. Smiley Mad

9) Ratchet: Almost as Radec but with less range.

10) Jak: Same as Ratchet. Maybe his lvl can be with a bit more range, but not that much.

11) Big Daddy: Unless you know how to position yourself, lvl 1 does suck. But I've seen some good Big Daddy's around. His attack speed can be improved just a bit.

12) Sly: It's cool that he turns "invisible" instead of blocking, but that you can basically do everything like that is just unfair. It should be timed or something(I know that when he attacks he turns visible, but barely). Plus of course, you can't see him but he steals your orbs while attacking. And his lvl 1 can't be stopped AT ALL.

13) Sweet Tooth: lvl 1 is REALLY hard to stop, if Kratos, Dante and Raiden can be stop easier, he should be the same, cause that's his best kill. Almost nobody goes to lvl 2 or 3. And lvl 2 sucks quite a bit unless your opponents are really close. His shotgun can be a bit wider. And longer slash combos.

14) Nathan Drake: Barrels, Barrels Everywhere! I think that's enough to point out. I don't know how that can be balanced but it's annoying when you battle 3 Nathan's at the same time. -_-

15) Parappa: lvl 1 is like Sackboy and Sir Daniel, your opponent has to be in the perfect angle to work with. But the rest is cool.

16) Toro: He's cool. No prob. Though my gf, uses his ninja slide/fish bones attack to stop people from performing their lvl kills or to simple touching the ground in closed spaces.

17) Heihachi: Just fear his lvl 2. Kuma farts a lot. xD

18) Sackboy: Just like mentioned his lvl can be adjusted a bit. But his cool either way.

19) Fat Princess: Barely seen her online, but can't complain while in AI and use.

20) Kat: Nothing at all.

21) Emmet: See Kat. xD

For the stuff that should be tweaked a bit:

1) After a match, you should be able to see your rank in the leaderboard updated. Not having to fight again just to see if you went up or down.

2) In FFA, fight against the same as you. If you're a blue belt, don't get mixed up with Brown and Black. -_- That should be fixed

3) Yes, I read someone complaining about fighting in the same stage over and over, and I say the same. It gets annoying. Loco roco is just getting on my nerves.

4) More skins and Colors. Apart from the ones you have to buy, making it 4 skins or more.

5) I read about a random option for intros, taunts and outros, that'll be nice.

6) Penalize rage quitters. Cause **bleep**! If you are loosing, loose. Fight again and try harder. I've won a lot, I've lost a lost. It happens.

Every fight is different from the last one.

7) If the connection gets lost by your internet, don't penalize one cause of it. It's not your fault that sometimes the connection can't be established. I've lost 13 points in one disconnect and that is just too much and unfair.

8) Definitly more female characters.

9) Be able to change background. For being such a big Kratos fan, I have gotten him 0 times. -_-

10) Be able to watch the stories without having to play again.

11) Higher difficulty in arcade = more rewards.

For the people with connection problems, here is the link to a good solution:

(if you read it)
In my case, I didn't change the PS3 ip in the same PS3, cause the DMZ in my modem didnt let me change the ip to my PS3. I just had to add the console in the list of the DMZ and that was it. It has actually worked out A LOT BETTER.  I have a Thomson "whatever", can't remember the number.   

In conclusion; the game is really fun, specially with 3 other friends, not just online. And I acknowledge when someone is playing fair and is really good.

But spammers...spammers everywhere. xD



(I may have missed some other details, but it's the ones I can think of at the moment)

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