Dec 23 2012
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Toto glitch!

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Hello community, i dont know if this was found yet, but i found a glitchy move with toro that need to be patched, not because its op, but because its really glitched lol. Yet it has happended to me twice on 2 different map. im 300+ with toro.


so when you use the ninja form (the one that throw ninja stars) and do the move triangle straight, it shoot a little hook with a chain. if you do this move on the mole that floating he water of loco-roco map, the hook come back to you, and stay in the air. after it, you can press triangle and hold triangle to shoot it really really fast! but it only work if you are close to a wall. but thats not all. it make it hard to be used on the ground after you glitched it. its like you cant use it at some place you should be. it do the same glitch as if you were close to a wall, but your not.


just reporting, if it hasnt been found yet! id like  it to be corrected as im a big toro fan -.-

(sorry for my english, im french from QC)

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