Nov 26 2012
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Toro is a monster

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so the other day i was playing teams with one of my friends and he was Toro and he was in ninja form and was completely dominating with neutral triangle then up triangles just juggling our enemies. he got so many level 3's that there was no hope for  the other team.


yesterday i was in ranked FFA and went into overtime and i did the catnap move to get AP while everyone was distracted and got 10 each second and spammed catnap in a corner and reach level 3 quickly.


combos i do are


-triangle+ up triangle+ up triangle+ (air) forward triangle

-(oni form)square+up square+ forward triangle+(air) up triangle

-(ninja form) triangle (hook)+ up square+ up square  (rinse repeat) also if they fall out just use hook to start juggle again. this works better when they are next tot the wall so they can't escape, also air dodging doesn't really help to escape this.

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