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Tiny Tiger Moveset (No Crash of the Titans garbage)

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Tiny Tiger


Tiny is a slow moving character on the ground, as slow as Radec due to his small legs. He has very strong jumping strength, though, especially his first jump.


Neutral Square: Tiny takes out his trident from his fight in Warped and stabs it forward for a nice range attack high speed attack. Doesn’t build much meter.


Side Square: Tiny throws his trident forwards in a lobbing arc similar to Sweet Tooth’s machete, but with twice as much range. As the trident goes up, it just does some knockback and slight AP build, but when it goes down anybody hit by it will get skewered by the trident and get pinned against the ground on contact with it, building more AP and leaving them stunned for a bit.


Tiny must go pick up his trident before he can use any square button attacks again. If he rips it out of the ground while a foe is still impaled, he’ll build even more AP, but this is difficult in FFA.


Up Square: Tiny swings his trident over his head for a very nice and quick defensive hitbox over his head. Not much AP is built from this.


Down Square: Tiny swings his trident around himself in a circle for as long as you hold down square. Tiny can very slowly move left and right while swinging like this, and while this only gives you an average amount of AP does massive knockback to enemies.


Down Triangle: Tiny rips out a chunk of the ground from the stage.  If you use this move with a chunk of ground already in your hands, Tiny will slam it against the ground in front of him, causing anybody directly hit to get buried in the ground and take some stun.  The ground chunk gets smashed into several pieces as it gets slammed and get shot out at various arcs around Tiny, doing small hits to get Tiny some extra AP in a FFA or to graze somebody who dodged the main attack.


Side Triangle: Tiny does a shoulder charge forwards, similar to Kratos’ charge. Any attacks done to Tiny from the front will not knock him out of this attack or do any stun to him, but will still build AP. Contact with Tiny’s shoulder deals large knockback and builds up sizable AP for Tiny. Due to how slow Tiny is, this is actually a good bit faster than Tiny’s normal movement speed.


If Tiny is holding a ground chunk when he uses this attack, he only moves at his normal slow speed, but is completely invulnerable from the front. As an added bonus, if Tiny sandwiches an enemy between the ground chunk and a wall, they will get smashed into the wall for extra stun. This will also cause the ground chunk to get shattered into several pieces, much like in the down triangle.


Up Triangle: Tiny does a massive leap into the air even greater than his first jump, doing slight knockback and building slight AP on contact with enemies, before crashing down to the ground at very fast speeds. Tiny can move to the left and right as he goes up and down, but has less control on the way down. Contact with Tiny as he goes down does significantly more knockback and builds lots of AP.


If Tiny has a ground chunk, the first part of the move is performed normally, but for the second half Tiny kicks the ground chunk to the ground, staying up in the air where he was. The ground chunk is just as powerful as Tiny is when he kicks down, and will also stun anybody and bury them in the ground slightly if they get smashed against the ground by it. The ground chunk will as usual shatter on contact with the ground, the debris getting knocked every which way as weak projectiles. Tiny cannot use this move again until touching the ground.


Neutral Triangle: Tiny very slowly pounds the ground next to himself. This is Tiny’s biggest AP builder, but you’re unlikely to hit with this. A small amount of ground in front of Tiny becomes a hitbox, though, knocking enemies up with huge knockback and building less but still a strong amount of AP.


With a ground chunk, Tiny holds it in front of himself at a diagonal downwards angle before simply flipping it up, building slight AP quite quickly, but still doing very strong upwards knockback. If you launch your target into another enemy, you will build more AP. This attack is Tiny’s only one that uses his ground chunk without destroying it.


Neutral Circle: Tiny flexes, occasionally kissing his muscles. If he is attacked during this animation, he will go into a cartoonish dust cloud slightly larger than he is, sucking any foes within a character width of him. Tiny will constantly build AP inside the dust cloud for a full second, able to move it about at 1.5X his movement speed left and right, even able to make it jump. Any characters who come in contact with the dust cloud will also get sucked in, though they can attack it with ranged attacks to build AP. Once the second is up, any characters inside the dust cloud will get knocked out in a direction of Tiny’s choosing, dealing knockback and building Tiny AP if they hit other foes. Tiny has a fair bit of ending lag coming out of the dust cloud.


Side Circle: Tiny scrapes his claws along the ground. This does minimal AP and is only average speed, but has good range and specifically pulls enemies in to be right up against Tiny. Foes will typically attack you if you bring them to your face, making them prime fodder for the Neutral Circle counter.


Up Circle: Tiny chomps above himself. On the ground, this is a more powerful and bigger AP builder alternative to up square that covers less space. In the air, Tiny will hold his grip on the foe after he chomps them, dragging them down to the ground before throwing them out of his teeth to the ground violently. Tiny builds AP periodically this way the longer he drags them to the ground, so if you drag down an especially high foe you’ll get lots of AP.


Down Circle: Tiny pounds the ground in front of him with his fists for as long as you hold the button. This causes a good chunk of the ground in front of Tiny to become a hitbox, doing slight upwards knockback and building an average amount of AP. The amount of ground affected is about the same amount as the portion of the Hades stage on either side that gets caved in. This attack will affect ground so long as it’s connected to the ground Tiny is pounding, meaning you can hit characters at an elevation above or below you much like the little destroyed portions of the Hades stage. This attack is very good for hitting multiple enemies at once, and builds AP fast in such situations.


In the air, Tiny will fall to the ground with his fist before pounding it, his fist of course dealing downwards knockback and building some AP on the way down. If he falls further down, the range in front of him he affects with his earthshaking will increase. With Tiny’s great jumps and the Up Triangle, you can potentially affect the entire stage.


Grab: Tiny turns to the screen and reaches out his arms both ways, potentially able to grab two enemies. His throw involves throwing them in the desired direction in a fairly standard manner, doing more knockback than knocking AP out of foes. If he grabs a second foe, though, he’ll throw the second foe after the first, but more forcefully so that they catch up to the first one. When the two foes collide, they’ll both drop significantly more AP for Tiny to pick up. If Tiny has a ground chunk, he can only grab one foe, but he will throw it after the foe to knock more AP out of them automatically. The ground chunk will shatter as always on contact with something solid, the debris becoming turning into several short range projectiles.


Level 1 Super: Tiny dashes forward in an attempt to grab a foe like Sweet Tooth’s level 1. If successful, he will bend out their legs before throwing them in whatever direction you input for massive knockback. When the grabbed foe comes in contact with a wall or something else solid, they will get KO’d. If the thrown foe hits anyone else, they will also be KO’d. Foes can survive the throw if you don’t throw them at a wall or the ground or something.



Level 2 Super: Tiny does a massive roar that lasts for 3 seconds, invulnerable during it. The size of “wind hitbox” created by this roar is identical in size to Radec’s level 2, but the wind hitbox does not instantly kill foes. Instead, it pushes them back very forcefully to the end of the hitbox. If foes are roared into any solid object, AKA a wall, they will get KO’d.


Level 3 Super: Tiny dons his gladiator hat from Crash 3 before lions start running in from the background for a good 10 seconds. The lions come in at several set points and KO foes on contact, but Tiny is immune to them and can knock enemies into them quite easily. Moves like the dust cloud from Down Circle and the Side Triangle charge are commended. 

Level 3

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